Item not delivered to me/recipient yet.

Please check your freezer as someone from the household could have received the ice cream delivery and not informed you/recipient about it. After checking, if your ice cream is still not delivered, you can call the outlet phone number that is shown at the bottom of your confirmation email to check on your delivery.

My message was not written to my friend.

If you purchased a greeting card, please ask your friend to check the plastic bag again as it might have gotten loose. If you did not purchase a greeting card, we will do our best to include a message on the delivery but due to overwhelming orders, this is not guaranteed. We seek your understanding on this!

I've forgotten to apply a promo code, can I still get the discount?

Unfortunately, due to system limitations, we will not be able to refund the money you would have saved through the discount.

I would like to change the delivery date/time/delivery address/recipient details/greeting card message.

For orders that will be fulfilled during the weekends, please call the outlet phone number that is shown at the bottom of your confirmation email during their operational hours to assist with the changes. Our outlets are usually open from 11am or 12pm everyday.

For all other enquiries, please email and we will reply during office hours (Mon-Fri, except Public Holidays).

Changing of ordered items

If your delivery is within the next 2 days, we are unfortunately unable to make any changes.
However if the delivery is 3 or more days away, you may email and we will reply within the next working day (Mon-Fri, except Public Holidays).

For adding of orders, please re-order with all items including the additional items and we will refund your previous order upon receipt of your email.

For removal of items, our team will refund the difference upon receipt of your email.

Can I change the flavours in the bundles?

We currently only allow changes for alcoholic flavours to be changed to non-alcoholic flavours. The list of non-alcoholic flavours will be whatever that is already included in the bundle and must be of equal or lower in value to the alcoholic flavour.

I missed my delivery, how do I arrange for a redelivery?

Redelivery costs will be $25. The reason for such a high charge are as follows:
The typical market price for a delivery is around $10-20 on average depending on distance. Through the purchase of ice cream on your order, we use whatever profits we have to heavily subsidize delivery charges so you get to enjoy $5 islandwide delivery. As we need to pay the driver for 2 trips - one for the delivery of the ice cream from your home back to our outlets, and from our outlet back to you, this is the reason why we need to charge $25 for redelivery.
Our outlets will contact you to arrange for redelivery when such a situation arises. All customers are first required to take a screenshot of the PayNow transfer of $25 to the mobile number provided by our outlet before redelivery is arranged.

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