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Udders Ice Cream is an award-winning, fun, casual, quirky ice cream brand that offers mouth-watering unique flavours of ice cream with a big dose of cheeky humour. Who else would name their ice cream brand after a cow's ahem... tits?

Full time positions available


For full time positions, please email resume to

Part timer requirements

1) Able to work till
11.30 pm on (Sunday - Thursday) & 12.30 am on (Friday - Saturday).

2) For Upper Thomson, applicant must be able to work till

1.30 am on Monday - Thursday

& 2.30 am on Friday - Sunday

3) Taxi fare reimbursement is provided if working till after 12.00 midnight.
- can work a minimum of 3 shifts a week, including weekends and night shifts 
- can commit to this job for at least three months

Part time pay: Crew- $7/hr, Assistant Supervisor- $8.50/hr

Weekend Pay: $10.50/hr 

Interested applications please contact the outlet directly to apply.

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